Fha Loan Duplex Owner Occupied

FHA is the only owner occupied loan you can get for a duplex that will allow a low down payment (3.5% as of March 2015), that doesn’t require landlord experience and that will count the future rental income from the other half of the duplex to help you qualify for a loan.

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FHA loans can be used to buy a multi-unit property.. These kinds of properties are desirable because you will not only be a home owner, but you. This will be either for two units (a duplex), three units (a triplex), or four units (a fourplex).. your mortgage payments by renting out the other units that aren’t occupied by you .

Best Answer: Hey there, I’m in pretty much the same situation: 1st place is financed FHA(owner occupied multi-family) and I want to buy a duplex. I’ve been poking around about financing, and this is what I have learned. This is a direct quote from my (trusted) mortgage broker: "What that leave you with.

Financing a duplex with an FHA loan.. a duplex, you’ll want to find out from the current owner whether the rental unit is currently occupied. When you own a dual-use property, like an owner-occupied duplex, you claim a portion of your property. the property taxes using a similar allocation to what you use for your mortgage interest.

 · These are for conforming conventional loan amounts. The maximum high balance loan limit for a duplex in 2017 is $784,700, $948,500 for a triplex and $1,178,750 for a fourplex. Approval Basics. In general, when financing an owner-occupied multi-unit property lending guidelines will be a bit less stringent compared to a non-owner occupied property.

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How to live Rent Free using FHA 3.5% Down Financing when buying a 4 unit apartment building Some are purchasing two units (duplex). This allows them to spend more than they. they typically have 3.5 percent down working with a Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loan, and often asking for.

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